CHIDSTeam2013 HIThub: A Destination for Health IT Thought Leadership

The field of Health IT and Analytics (HIT+A) is growing at an incredible pace, and keeping up with the latest developments can be overwhelming. To help meet this challenge, HIThub aims to be the central destination for healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the cutting edge in HIT+A advancements.

As a lifetime micro-learning platform serving healthcare professionals, HIThub provides timely information and authoritative insights from both academia and industry. The content covers a vast range of interests from trendy topics like big data analytics, mobile health, and telehealth, to enduring issues of corporate finance, leadership, and management.

Whether you prefer to watch or read the latest in HIT content, HIThub has the learning tools that fit with your needs. On HIThub, you can watch videos from key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector and recordings from international conferences or read the latest news from practitioners along with summaries of academic papers.

A Social, Interactive Learning Experience

Our goal at HIThub is to go beyond simply sharing knowledge and insight from HIT thought leaders in academia and industry. We have adopted a modern web design to facilitate interactions between users, transforming our audience from consumers to contributors. We know that every healthcare professional has unique experiences and knowledge worth sharing, and we hope our content will stimulate online discussion and serve to connect interested professionals together. Our digital platform provides micro-learning tools for users to explore a social, lifetime learning experience outside school.

On HIThub, you can keep up to speed with the latest HIT developments by subscribing to our newsfeed to receive notifications about new content. With an account, you can engage with our content by making comments, rating, and even contributing new content. If you are interested to post your insights through a video format, please contact our website administrator to get a professional interview.


HIThub is hosted by The Center for Health Information & Decision Systems (CHIDS) at the University of Maryland, College Park. CHIDS is an academic research center. The research at CHIDS seeks to understand how digital technologies and analytics tools can be more effectively deployed to address outcomes such as patient safety, healthcare quality, efficiency in healthcare delivery, and a reduction in health disparities. CHIDS draws on the expertise of the Decision, Operations & Information Technologies Department (DO&IT) at the Smith School and the Schools of Engineering, Public Health, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Medicine, and other assets in the University of Maryland network. DO&IT is acknowledged by several publications as a Top 5 performer in research production worldwide and the Information Systems group ranks in the top 10 worldwide in Business Week and U.S. News and World Report. Since its inception in 2005, CHIDS has served as a focal point for thought leadership around the topic of digitally-enabled health transformation.