Cupid Chan on AI

Business Intelligence Needed to Make Most of AI


Cupid Chan, CTO of Index Analytics talks about the power of combining artificial intelligence and business intelligence at CHITA 2017.

Transcript of video is provided below.

CC:My name is Cupid Chan, I’m from Index Analytics, the CTO of the company.

Interviewer: Can you tell us the most exciting thing that you are working on?

CC: I also shared this in the conference. That is combining AI and BI because, as you know, AI is with the power of the computer. It has the speed but doesn’t have the direction. Combining with BI, which we humans are very strong at, is the intuitive way to learn from the data. I think that is very exciting.

Interviewer: What are your biggest questions about Health IT and Analytics domain?

CC: Okay, this one is not only for healthcare IT, but in general. When we talk about deep learning or neural network, we know that it runs the result for us, but we do not know what is really inside the blackbox. I think this is one of the key we need to spend more time to understand.

Interviewer: How do you think the advance of Artificial Intelligence will change healthcare or personal health management?

CC: So, I believe that most of the tedious work that requires expert like medical doctors to see, like Xray or any scan result–if the machine can take care of tedious work and let the human focus on something the machine cannot do, that would be the perfect match for both.



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