Dr. Gordon Gao on CHITA’s Success


Dr. Gordon Gao,  Co-Director of CHIDS, Associate Professor in the Department of Decision, Operations, and Information at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and Program Co-Chair of CHITA talks about his areas of research and his thoughts on CHITA’s success.

Transcript of video is provided below.

GG: So, Talking about my research, it mainly focuses on three areas. First area is about the physician’s use of technology like electronic medical record system, how physician can use that to improve efficiency. The second area is the patient’s use of technology, especially mobile apps. How we are able to change patients behavior so that they exercise more, eat more healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. The third area I’m really passionate about is the application of AI in healthcare, how we can leverage big data to do data mining and deep learning.

GG: I’m Gordon Gao, I’m the program co-chair for this year’s CHITA, the Conference for Health Information Technology and Analytics. It’s so exciting to see so many people show up this year. The reason, I believe, is because analytics in healthcare is really taking off. We are beginning to see big data everywhere, we are beginning to see all kinds of algorithms especially deep learning showing its power. This is why people are eager to know what is going on and this is a great opportunity for scholars from the business school, computer science and medical school to share their insights, methodology and data.


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Currently pursing Master’s in Business Administration at Smith School of Business, University of Maryland with a focus on Supply Chain and Operations. The fascination towards the power of data, especially in a supply chain of an industry was the driving factor for me to have come back to school from professional life.

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